5 February 2011

Ohh deaar...

Well yet again, I am sorry. I would love to say that I have an excuse and I could probably sit here and detail my life to give a plausable reason but to be honest I image you are used to it my now. I think I might have a bit of a blogging session right now so be warned, here they come...

26 November 2010

Its all art darling

Well, well, well, hmm, i'm sure I seem to start all of my blogs with that? heigh ho, it just seems a nice freindly way to introduce something as oppsed to the oppresive style I have to use in my essays at school. So anyway, without wandering willy nilly into stories from school, here is my latest cake. And woe betid me to ask peole to order them nicely, say once every couple of weeks, nope of course they all have to come at once but there we go I suppose that is how life goes. This artist palette is for the mother of a very lovely lady called Ruth and I feel it sensible to assume that the birthday girl likes art... and chocolate cake?

21 November 2010

A Wonderul Journey...

So. A bit of background I am thinking: I first stared decorating cakes for my skill for my Duke of Edinburgh's Award, hence the creation of this blog. However, for my services section of the DofE, I volunteer at the local Brownie pack; I have been doing this for nearly two years now. Anyway, at Brownies we had a mad Hatter's Tea Party, and I could not resist making an alice in Wonderland cake, so here it is...

Children in Need

Well, this cake, at the dear mother's suggestion, was made for children in need. We did a raffle, at 20p a ticket to decide who won the cake and I am very proud to say that it raised a fantastic £100!

12 November 2010

Camoflague, is that how you spell it?

This is my latest creation, an army and camaflage themed cake.

2 November 2010

Scary Days

My gosh, i just cannot cope with the scaryness of halloween and I'm being serious... Let me explain, as a child I enjoyed trick or treating, just completley missed the point. I came dressed as a fairy and said pretty please... So now, there I was, at work on halloween and the place had been 'spooked up' with cobwebs. The most exciting part however was the tatoos which we were all given (just the ones that last a couple of days) that looked like scratches from a werewolf, I very excitedly plastered them all over me. Anyway, back to the point, I though I would make halloween a little more cheerful for all with my freindly pumpkin cake. I have named him Paul.

13 October 2010

No Girls Allowed!

Anyone might think I was detemined to give the birthday girl a heart attack: a layer of Yourie bars, cream and malteser filling, chcolate cake, cream and minstrel filling, chcolate cake and chocolate butter icing.... Well, I must say it tased rather good, though I don't think I will be needing to eat again for a week...